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Dev Vlog: 20.01.2021

Daily update for 20.01.2021 #100DaysOfCode I missed updates for the last few days, but I am back and this time with a video format. Also, with a special guest around 6:55 (WFH era 🤣). 1. CodeKN project: Go, MySQL, Kubernetes. Current: URL Data Pipeline – fetch and parse the content of URLs. Future: Python + […]

Building Daily Log Videos

[Video] How I plan my code tasks? Code review for data streaming pipeline for URL validation and fetching

I started this video as a review of my previous day – part of the January Coding Challenge. But in the end, I started covering code review topics for my ETL pipeline for fetching and processing URLs. I also cover how I plan my coding tasks, how I use GitHub issues and projects for keeping […]