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How to Learn to Code. Step-by-step guide for beginners.






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“How to learn coding?” or “How to start programming?” or “Where to start coding?” – these are the most popular questions people ask me on my social media accounts. I already made a few tutorials and multiple videos around the topic. On this page, I want to gather all information in one place in a more organized manner.

This course is ongoing progress – I will add more and more topics and videos. To keep updated, subscribe to the course’s mailing list at the of the page.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is for everyone who just started learning to code or plans to start. Main idea is to explain some basic concepts and help to start a programming career a bit easier.

Once you complete this course, you should have minimal experience so you can continue learning on yourself. And, also, what’s also important, you can ask more advance questions.

Learning Path

In this section, I will include all related videos and posts. Make sure to check them all.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Step-By-Step Guide (2 videos, more coming soon)

Topic 1: How long it takes to learn to code? How to start. And, more importantly, how to keep learning even when it gets harder.

Check also this post with more information.

Topic 2: What is the best and easiest language to start with?

This video-post is must read and watch before you continue with the course.

Which Programming Language Should I Start First?
Video-post about different types of programming languages, and their differences, usage fields.

More lessons and topics are coming soon. Make sure to subscribe to get the updates. Below is the high-level list of future topics.

Which programming language to learn? In this video I will explain what are the trending programming languages right now, what’s difference. And which ones are newbie friendly.

2-3 Videos

In this section I will share my experience and advises on how to start learning a new language, what’s is the best practices.

1 Video

Example project ideas so we can get our hands dirty by writing the actual code. Also, one example on how to get started.

2 Videos

In this section I will provide guidance on building a programming portfolio, creating a resume / CV so you can apply to coding jobs, and also advises on increasing social presence – like LinkedIn page or GitHub account.

3 Videos

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