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Dev Vlog: 20.01.2021

Daily update for 20.01.2021 #100DaysOfCode I missed updates for the last few days, but I am back and this time with a video format. Also, with a special guest around 6:55 (WFH era 🤣).

1. CodeKN project: Go, MySQL, Kubernetes. Current: URL Data Pipeline – fetch and parse the content of URLs. Future: Python + AI/ML for advanced topic identification.

2. Next.js and full-stack development (Node.js, Express.js) Live pair-up coding sessions. Most recent session topics: – Static Generation and Server-Side rendering. – 4 different ways of styling the Next.js app. Links are attached to my profile.

Special thanks to my co-host:

3. New format. Last but not least, I am working on a new format – “How to build an app with example.” My goal is to start building small scale apps as an example. Publicly.

Stay tuned. More to come.

By Kanan Rahimov

Sr. Software Engineer

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