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Golang Beego Tutorial: Start with Beego & CLI (Tutorial 1)

Introduction to Beego web framework: Quick Start

Hello, world! Golang Beego Tutorial – is a series of articles for the Beego web framework. In this tutorial, we will check the following topics:

  • How to install beego and bee.
  • How to set up a web project from scratch using the Beego web framework.
  • Install and use the bee CLI tool.
  • Start a new project using Beego’s CLI.
  • Basic steps with controller and views.

Golang Beego Tutorial: Start with Beego & bee CLI (Tutorial 1) – Video Documentation.

Beego and bee CLI tool

Using the following commands you can install both the web framework and its CLI tool.

go get
go get

Go Beego Project: Source Code

In this section, you can visit the source code for this project and check the interactive code editor below. In the live interactive editor, you can execute the application described in this video post.


By Kanan Rahimov

Sr. Software Engineer

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