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Golang Beego Video Tutorials

Video tutorial series for Beego web framework.

Hello, all! Welcome to the home page for the Beego Video Tutorial series. On this page, I will share articles, code snippets, and video tutorials related to Golang’s popular web framework – Beego.

Each tutorial contains:

  1. Repository and source-code reflecting the current state.
  2. embedded repl where you can run the project in your browser.

At this moment, the series consists of two steps:

  1. Step 1: Manual project setup by using Controller and Router
  2. Step 2: Bee CLI utility and start a new project using Beego’s command-line tool

In progress: Step 3

I have hosted another Live Coding Session where I went over Beego’s documentation and checked the following topics:

  1. MVC and entry point into Beego app.
  2. Supervisor Mode.

I will publish a separate post about the results.

What’s next?

  • Each command of bee CLI.
  • Advanced profiling with Supervisor Mode.
  • Beego ORM vs. GORM
    • What advantages if you use Beego ORM with Beego
    • What you lose if you use GORM with Beego (comparing to default ORM).
  • API Versioning with Router namespaces.

By Kanan Rahimov

Sr. Software Engineer

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