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Video Tutorial & Live Code: Build a JSON API Node.js

Hello, world! In this interactive tutorial, I want to share my experience of building a simple JSON API with Node.js and Express.js. This tutorial is part of my video tutorial/course – Example backend API in Node.js – Video Tutorial. Check it for more contextual information.

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Part 1: Build a JSON API in Node.js

If you want to jump directly to the coding part start at 1:25.

In this part:

  • Initialize an empty Node.js project.
  • Create a very simple web app.
  • Return a JSON response using the HTTP package.
Part 2: Introduce package.json and use nodemon

In this part:

  • Introduce package.json for project dependencies.
  • Introduce nodemon to the project for hot-reload.
  • Shortly about GitHub repo for the course.
Part 3: Convert to Express.js web framework

In this part:

  • Introduce Express.js – a popular Node-based web framework.
  • Convert pure Node HTTP app to Express.js application.
Part 4: Accept URL params and return JSON object by using Express.js features:

In this part:

  • Return a JSON response by using res.json() method. This method implicitly uses JSON.stringify() and sets the correct content-type.
  • Add one more route and accept request params by using the req.params object.

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By Kanan Rahimov

Sr. Software Engineer

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